Dalat – Part 4 (Final) – Mindfulness

Lately I’ve found that my mind has not been very quiet. I can’t stop my mind from spinning with different sources of ideas and thoughts. On the one hand, I have so much to write about but I also know I should put an end to my recent Dalat trip. I need to end this ‘relationship’ before getting into a new one – I think that’s the right way to do as I can’t love two guys at once. Wait a minute, did I just say that “I have so much to write about?”. It doesn’t even sound like me…Uhm… Is this like a sign of aging? 😦

So on my very last days of the trip in Dalat, I had the chance to meet a friend’s friend of mine. Hung is a vegetarian, super skinny from what I see but what I remember the most from this person is the eyes – he’s got bright eyes. He is in his 30 something, at the age people should get mature in all aspects. I’m not sure if in English people have an expression for this, but I think he is a ‘time’ billionaire. It doesn’t mean that he’s jobless or having nothing to do. He owns a garden, a fish pond, a coffee field, a small town house and a reading tent in the garden. I guess that should be enough to keep him busy, especially during the coffee harvest seasons, but it only happens once per year. Hung told me once: People usually tend to think of all the ‘big’ things that matter to them in life, which is to work; to study; to earn money; to get a career; to get married or to have kids and/or to get more and more money but then, every so often they forget one of the most important activities to keep them alive: TO BREATH. Sometimes it is simply important for us to take a deep breath and give yourself a break. I could never thank him enough for everything. Thank you for taking me to the Elephant Water Fall, for all your lessons and thank you for the wonderful meals that you cooked for me.

Me at the Elephant Water Fall
Me at the Elephant Water Fall

So after Axel, Mai Dung then Hung, my trip would not be completed without Sydney (but not Australia) and Alex, my new and BFF American friends.

From left to right: Sydney, Alex, I am in the middle, Axel and Mai Dung
From left to right: Sydney, Alex, I am in the middle, Axel and Mai Dung

I was sitting in the office yesterday and got a text message: “Hey Camellia! This is Alex and Sydney from ZEN Cafe! We are in Hanoi for about 3.5 hours. Are you in town? I am definitely am! Let’s catch up! 🙂

Catching up with my favorite American couple at the Note Coffee
Catching up with my favorite American couple at The Note Coffee

After Dalat, it was a great catch up with Sydney and Alex at Hanoi Km0 – The Note Coffee. He spent the rest of the 3.5 hours on Hanoi Old Quater’s Streets; had some of Hanoi’s favorite street food near St. Joseph’s Catheral. We finished our trip by having the best Italian Gelato from Casa Italia Hanoi before rushing to the train station for Alex and Sydney to make their way to Sapa. I seriously love these beautiful friends and cannot wait for my next trip to Ho Chi Minh city as we still have lots of promises for the future.

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