That Fail Moment

I’m sure everybody has some or many of their fail moments in life. Today I’ve been thinking of the three big fail moments that had happened to me when I was a child. There was one coincidence in all those three moments for me was that I always had mum with me in every single story (and because dad was hardly ever home).

#ThatFailMoment01: When I was about 5 years old, at the age that every person’s biggest love was either with candies or cookie or ice-cream or chocolate or ALL of them. One day, mum came home from grocery store and bought me something, could be either of those sweet things which I can’t remember what she bought anymore. However, I remember how she bought and left them home when I was playing with the neighbour kids, then I decided to share some of the ‘goodies’ with them. Mum came back when all the goodies were gone and she got really mad. I couldn’t understand why. I thought sharing is good. Then she told me (in an angry tone) that I was not allowed to give food to ‘those’ kids while we didn’t even have enough… I guess it was difficult time then…


#ThatFailMoment02: I was 6 years old. I still remember my first writing lesson on my first day at primary school. I still remember how other kids’ parents were watching us from the window (Well, it’s kind of a big deal – it’s the first day of primary school that you’re talking about. All parents showed up very earlier to watch the kids – except for my parents but I didn’t even think of that for a second – not that my parents did not care about me but dad was away and mum was super busy). The teacher taught us how to make a line on the paper with a ruler and a pencil. I did it perfectly well. I knew it because I sat next to the window and one of the parents told me that I did well. And that fail moment started when I decided to use my extra-skill with an eraser to undo all what I did with the ruler and pencil so that I can do it over and over and over again… My paper got dirty and I got grade 6 (out of 10) but I didn’t even feel upset. I think what I did was to ‘repeat’ the ‘right’ thing only. I ran home to see mum and happily made an announcement that I got grade 6 for the writing lesson. Then one second later I realised how angry mum was. She even asked me if I was out of mind and how could I even stay so happy to tell her that I got only grade 6. She also said that I should be ashamed of that instead and I surely got with me some some of the unforgettable moments and I would never repeat-that-right-thing again.

#ThatFailMoment03: Hmmm, 7 years old, I was practicing to ride a bike with one of my cousins. I just remember how I finally ride it…for real, an ‘adult’ 2 wheel bike – not the mini 3 wheel bikes like when I was a little kid. I was riding it and I saw mum. I turned my head and reached out for mum and said: “Hey mum, look at me, I know how to ride a bike!”. Then all of the sudden, I hit a rock in the road and I fell off the bike. And I could hear her shout again. End of story.

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