I already smiled.


Few days ago:

Boy: Hey, I’ve got you a present.

Girl: Thanks, what’s that?

Boy: I will not tell you until I see you again and I will give it to you.

Girl: Okay 🙂


Boy: Hey, are you there?

Girl: Yup?

Boy: Do you remember I said I had a present for you?

Girl: Yes?

Boy: It doesn’t exist anymore.

Girl: Really? Was it food? Did it get expired?

Boy: No 😦 Actually it was a stone. I found it on the street while the kids were playing. Then I took it home and worked on it to make you a present. But today I dropped it and it was broken.

Girl: Don’t worry. It was so nice of you already. Thank you so much.

Boy: But I just wanted to see you smile when you see it.

Girl: I’ve already smiled.

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