I allow myself to confess some of my weak moments today. Well this is still my world isn’t it? I’ve been thinking of someone and still thinking of that person today. It’s the man who said something to me that got stuck on my mind for months. He said we were not normal. And he said our relationship was not normal for one reason and for many other reasons… But why, I wonder, it only appeals to me that we are just so ordinary? Because if we were not normal, we would have overcome all of those common obstacles. We know it’s not easy and I never thought it was easy. But mister, have you ever ever thought back on the reason why you started all this? And the reason why we started all this?

Maybe none of that matters to you now. It’s a bit unfair because I’m just a little too not over you. I know there will definitely be a day that I will completely forget about you and the day when my heart can actually get settled. People say “Do not give up on someone you can’t go a day without thinking about”. I don’t know why they could even say something like that. Have you ever seen a person who claps with only one hand? I guess not…

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