I’ve lost my headphones. I have been looking for days but still haven’t seen them anywhere. I was thinking of purchasing a new pair of headphones (which I will need them eventually for so many different purposes) but I stopped for a moment and think…

Would it be better if I quit wearing headphones…?


I have got into a habit, or it must have been a formed of addition that I need to have my iTunes and my headphones on whenever I get out of the house or office or when I get onto the bus. This is when I enjoy the most of my guilty pleasure – all types of song that I keep changing all of the stations so that the song would match my flow of thoughts. I guess it is the same for almost everybody these days. Is it wrong if I just enjoy my music, hello?

I feel thankful towards whosoever invented the headphones. Just about when I asked myself this questioned, Google helped me pull off the answer right away. His name is Nathaniel Baldwin, Canadian. He was a great inventor but a terrible businessman – as usual. Thanks to Nath anyway for all what he’s bought to human-kind but still, wearing headphones the way we do today doesn’t seem to be a good habit. The need for significance, the need for non-disturbance, the need for having ‘me’ time having been increasing. Everyone has their headphones on these days and communicates by commenting on Facebook posts.

One of the bus assistant yelled at me once for having had ‘ignored’ him completely while being asked for checking my bus ticket.

My dad got upset with me once the way I spend my time on my smartphone and how he saw me with my headphones on while walking home…

Obviously, I did not listen to what the person who sat next to me when they asked me what time it was…

I saw some Chinese guests who walked into our hotel lobby this morning wearing face masks. I hate seeing that. They looked weird, so weird, even if they were just being extra careful. But I really thought that they should not be travelling if they were so careful. There’s a life to enjoy, and your face is not what to be hidden. This maybe, one of the reasons why I am so thankful that I am not born Muslim. Please don’t take me wrong if you are Muslim but I just love the way people could live for who they are without having to hide themselves from layers and layers of costumes that belongs to the ancient school of thoughts. I never liked people who wear face mask by all means, except when you are a doctor, or when you are a patient… No one could ever recognise you if you keep putting your mask on…

And this may be time to take off your headphones just to listen to what others have to say… I know one of my problem is that I could get to the extreme level of ignorance. 2 years ago I read on the news, people said Vietnamese was on the world’s list for top ignorant index. Again I don’t know how true it is, to what level that they can measure this index. But last weekend, I saw a woman, who was riding her scooter on the road with her baby, connected to her by a seat belt who were both about to fall over from the scooter when they almost got hit by a car. Two men, with active mouths, two legs and two arms with full fingers were standing next to her and keep shouting: “Move, stand up!”, talked to the woman. Just by the time I walked by and saw the picture, I run into the lady and the baby who almost fell over because the mother, on the one hand, trying to hold the baby behind her back, on the other hand, reaching for the scooter which the seat bell was attached. I held on the baby and shouted to the guys who was less-than-a-meter-away: “What are you doing? Why don’t you come and help her out?”. Thanks god, the two guys eventually woke up, so we did not have to see a crying mother and the baby was threatened to dead.

I asked myself, what happened these people? They weren’t wearing headphones. They were capable to help, who have eyes to see, a brain to think but why no one reacted?

#madworld #coldworld #coldhearted

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