Saying everyone can be replaced is a lie.

I think when I said everything will be okay and everyone can be replaced. I actually lied.

There are certain things in life which cannot be replaced. Like the Earth, the Sun or the Moon, like your family, your mother, your father, your brothers, sisters, yourself and… myself.

Hmmm, for a moment I was thinking of that special someone, but he can also be replaced since you can still make choices.

The reason I said “everyone can be replaced” was to reassure my team when the two key persons decided to walk away. And I made everyone believed that it was right, because those two people were immediately replaced by other people and other people and other people.

In the meantime, I had been playing multiple roles: A salesperson; a marketing & PR person for which I had been given a fancy name as a Business Development Manager (BDM). I did not know how good I was. The only thing that I know and remember was that I really was part of the company, a major part. It was just enough to make me feel like I had a major heart attack on the day I decided to walk away.

I am all happy now with the new job and what I’m doing, because I learn new things and I meet new people on a surprisingly regular basis. This isn’t necessarily a good thing but for sure it’s not easy to get bored at work.


And I am still who I am, and I still do what I do.

Last Saturday I went to the Hanoi’s Annual Charity Bazaar hosted by the HIWC (Hanoi International Women Club). I had always been there over the past 02 years, but this year I was with a different company. This is a strange feeling when I am not with my Italian team anymore and did not get to wear an Italian themed costume this year. What even more awkward was the moment that I intended to come and say hello to the old team, but nobody was there. Absolutely nobody! My boss was (almost) never there (and because he wouldn’t need to when I was in my position) but what I meant was… nobody. I know none of them, after 8 months since I’ve gone…

I am not going to judge anybody over this matter. But I was not happy to see all this. And it was not because I was so full of myself, but I know that I am totally not that someone who can be easily replaced…

One thought on “Saying everyone can be replaced is a lie.

  1. Hi, Camellia. I found your site when browsing some local contacts for my reports about Vietnam. I’m heading to Hanoi next week to rejoin my friends on Remote Year program and it would be nice if you could meet me for a coffee. As I couldn’t find your e-mail, please answer at so i can send you more information about my work. Cheers, Fernanda Prats

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