all depends on a leisurely breakfast… “~John Gunther

Thank you John Gunther, although I do not know who you are but I would like to thank you for having given us this great quote.

And for me, happiness sometimes is just a matter of habits. It does not mean that you have to keep doing the same thing every day to say happy – because I am sure habits can change. Perhaps some habits can keep you happy for a certain period of time, some say forever but as you get older, many habits can change if you want to…

So how did I change?

I used to brush my teeth before breakfast – The feeling was just so unpleasant if my teeth were not brushed within 15 minutes after I woke up. I guess this was no difference compared to those  who hates the taste of toothpaste while chewing their breakfast. But my habit has changed after almost 20 years because I wanted to change… Yes I have been influenced by people, by the news and so on, and I have changed my habit as I decided.


[Photo credit: Rebecca Hinson]

I chose not to be threatened or not not to be chickened out by the way things are said and done by most people or the way this society wanted you to be. I think I was fortunate enough to be born “above” average. I am happy with my Asian style look and happy with my imperfects. It has not been always the case (I used to think that I was a freak), but the older I get, I guess the more mature, I would say I have become. It does not matter so much  if I have the latest hair trend or the latest fashion update. To be honest, I never cared and I’m sure I never will… But the lesson that I learnt is, you need to freshen yourself once every few weeks with new things. It means you should not wear the same type of clothes for a long period but try to make some changes. I often get asked if I wear a new outfit but I would be asked the same question if I wear an-old-dress-that-I-forgot-that-I-had-for-ages, or when I tie my hair up, or when I suddenly wear a pair of ear rings or a watch… A new red crop top after 14 days of wearing black or a new tomboy look after a hundred day of being in princess style…I guess we all need a bit of abnormal time after time…

I decided that I would need to increase my frequency of having leisurely breakfasts after realising that I spend more days of my life washing my hair rather than having breakfasts, which is dangerous. I am sure my hair is not happy when I wash her everyday and my body hates me for skipping proper breakfasts…

Dear body,

I am sorry for all what I have done to you. I have with me my 4 weeks goal to gain 2kgs in the most healthy way possible. I am fortunate to have met a very good colleague that I sometimes make jokes that she is my mother because of the way she takes care of me. Today I promised her that if I could reach my goal in 2 weeks and there will surely be a reward price for her 🙂 #fingerscrossed


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