Pretty Pretty Please…

So finally I have been able to have some ‘me’ time for myself. ‘Me’ time means the time I could spend alone, in my own space, when and where I could stay true to myself. I usually follow some of my favorite melodies and sing my favorite songs when I am happy. But when I am sad, I would like to request myself to find a place where can frown whenever I can without having to care that someone would notice. I still remember days when I felt like I just need to be in a place where I can frown whenever I can, without being asked for the reason why I look so sad. I thought having this hidden place would be the best medicine to cure my sadness. At this point of time, even music or slightest noise at times would other me quite a bit.

The past week alone has been intense for me. I am definitely not complaining, although I have found a thousand reasons that I should call it quit. Life has been pretty strange lately. As much as I feel so blessed to have met some certain people, and to thank them for all the experiences that I’ve got, I also know my learning curve would never end, and even the people who you think you know them well can surprise you quite a bit.

Manners make a man, or a woman too.

Yesterday and today, I miss the feeling of meeting decent people, ladies and gentlemen, although I don’t know if those ‘decent’ people would actually exist once you get too close to them and they suddenly become so ordinary. I miss Mr Cook and his daily collections of thoughts. This would include one of my favorite readings: “Light travels faster than sound, this why some people appear bright until you hear them speak”.

Hi Camellia, please stop acting like you are a princess and learn to forgive because not everybody has the same type brain, the same mind and especially the same heart.

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Camellia Dinh

Hi, it was just me and nothing significant but my regular dose of experiences, thoughts and feelings. Views are my own.

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