My Pet Love

My pet love is not a pet, in case that I am asked. I don’t have a real pet and not planning to have one. Well I had a cat when I was 12 and living with my grandparents. The cat died, we adopted another cat. This time the cat gave birth to three baby beautiful kittens.

As we never wanted to have too many cats at home, we had sent the three kittens away to one of our relatives who have a bigger house and gardens. Then one day, our mother cat disappeared and I never saw her again. We asked our relative to send us back one cat, this time we chose a Mr Cat so at least he didn’t have to give birth. We thought he was happy with us for some time. I left my grandparents house as I grew up and while Mr Cat was still three. Then one day I came back for a visit to my grandparents’, the cat disappeared again, I wasn’t sure what happened this time when we lost the cat, also for what had happened to the mother cat too. Maybe they both got stolen. If this was in a Western country, that would be much easier to find them.

Maybe I don’t have a cat or dog, but I have space and time for an amusing detective Pikachu in the house 😂

Why do I talk about cats today? I just remember that I have met with a lesbian couple who is looking for a new place to stay. It happens that they came to find us at LAM VILLA Riverside, they love the concept and told me that this would be a great place for them and the three cats. I was like… three!? They reassured me that the cats are nice as they are “expat” cats. One is British cat and the other two I can’t remember if it was a he or a she, German or African 😂

Anyway, just so people know that I am neither interested in cats or dogs. I would still protect animal rights when I can but I just don’t feel the love for pets in general. If I am asked again for my pet love, I would rather say that I would prefer a human to play with, if I can’t find that human then there’s a human me that I hardly ever get bored with (maybe sometimes) ☺️

To track back for my pet love, I’ve always loved music in general, I also like writing sometimes – I had lost this writing habit for years and now I am trying to get back to it. I also want to trace back to my childhood years, when my pet love used to be gardening. I still played with and by myself pretty much but life back the was much more fun, before the “industrial revolution” came with a “hello” from the internet and Social Media when I reached my teenage year. My life was never the same again.

So, the two plants in the pots are mine. I had them a year ago but half of the time I had to send them to a colleague’s house to ask her to take care for me because I was away for so long. The plants are back, one grow so big and tall that I would need a new pot. The other one as you can see, trying to survive…
These banana trees are the “souls” of LAM VILLA – even our logo was inspired by the banana leaves ☺️
This rose is definitely more beautiful compared to the one from Beauty and the Beast which looks like 🥀
Waiting for the future roses 🌹
Straight from the garden, brought to me by my little friend Út Bin ☺️
I don’t know what this is called…

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