Thank you for TUI-ing this together!

How do you look at the one you love and tell yourself it’s time to walk away?

Tam Tien Beach 🏖

I was told to be one of those overachievers at work, I thought I was one of those who has been blessed to have met so many amazing mentors, partners and beautiful colleagues who have been a great motivation for me to keep striving.

I’ve been very busy doing the things I love and loving the things that I do, this is all thanks to the people who have got my back and myself for not giving up on pursuing my own dreams.

Discover your smile

It was me delivering one of my presentations to give an introduction of TUI during the first Partners’ Briefing Series – a nation-wide roadshow to promote TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An. TUI stands for Touristik Union International – the world’s largest travel company.

About one and a half year ago, I got the offer as the Pre-Opening Director of Sales and Marketing to open the first TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An, which happens to be the first TUI Blue hotel in Asia – a member of TUI Group. And while people have the absolute rights to feel what they feel, I did feel very special while accepting this new offer. TUI for us is giant, it was like I got an offer from Yahoo or Google of my own industry. The TUI Smiley logo has become an icon in the world tourism industry for many decades.

Explore the more…

“You are Miss 001, because you are the first employee of TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An”, I was explained by the employer. It took me 2 months to warm up, the probation period is what it is called to get acquainted to a completely new working style and environment. After 2 months, I started seeing rainbow and butterflies 🌈 🦋 . I was able to build my own team and do take on the challenge to build a hotel brand awareness from the scratch, with a new hotel brand, located in an complete unknown destination.

Partners’ Briefing Series at Press Club Hanoi – October 2019
Partners Briefing Series continued in Hanoi 2019
Partners Briefing Series continued at the Deutsches Haus Ho Chi Minh City.
Partners Briefing Series in Danang – November 2019
Partners Briefing Series in Hue – November 2019
Partners Briefing Series in Hoi – November 2019
Christmas High Tea in Hoi An – Destination Wedding Briefing – December 2019
Some people dance in the rain, other people just get wet ☔️

Soft Opening – COVID-19 then now what?

We never really stopped our activities. For many reasons, the show must go on. 2020 was tough although we have been the luckiest people on Earth who have been able to live in Vietnam during Covid-19. And despite of a global pandemic still ranging, and followed by a tropical storm and rainy season, TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An has still been able to operate throughout the year while most hotels and resorts in the regions had to temporarily shut down.

Culture event with partner Y Van Hien – Celebrating the 45 years of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Germany 🇩🇪
New Year’s Eve Gala and Auction Dinner at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An to raise fund for Operation Smile Vietnam.
Arts for Smiles Gallery was founded in 2020 – the first Art Gallery in South of Quang Nam, located at TUI BLUE Nam Hoi An.
Cooperation with Tohe Social Enterprise in 2019-2020

Until we are TUI-gether again!

I don’t know what people do out of a global pandemic. We made face masks, we followed the government instructions, we tried to keep our activities alive whenever we had a chance.

Thank you to all the senior leaders for giving me the chance to do what I am capable of. Artur, I haven’t been to Hanover yet 😔
Dieter and Tania – without you I will not be Miss #001
Thank you anh Kien for all your support!
Marko, I hope to see you again after the pandemic 😷

Last but not least, I am thankful that I had a team that would never give up on me, although I was the first person who came and found the team and I decided that I would eventually need to depart, for one and many other reasons that make more sense for my future endeavors.

Thank you to my (extended) Sales & Marketing team!
Don’t stop dreaming!
Thank you for TUI-ing this together with me! Chị Hồng & anh Hoàng Anh – two of my most senior members of the Sales and Marketing team.
When life gives you lemon, make lemonade. When life gave us a major flu 🤧, which turned out to be a global pandemic 😷, we made face-masks with a smiley logo 😊
Andreas and Bridget – it was a pleasure knowing you and thank you for your great support and trust!
Thank you lovely Hoa for being part of my incredible journey! This lady really made me cry on the day of my departure.
Thank you Tuan – this talented and young little brother for being a great multiplayer of the team. We won’t be able to have our name today without your support 💙
Thank you Trang for your resilience and commitment. I know we don’t talk much but just so you know I am very proud to have you to be part of the team.
This little sister was the first person that I hired to the team, one of the members that I spent the most time with in both professional and in real life. Chau has lot of potentials and I hope she would always find joy and peace in what she does in life.
Phuc I was really tough on you while you were our intern but I hope the experience was worthwhile. You are the best 💙
Thank you Thao – the newest member of the team – Our meeting was very brief but I have confidence that you will be great at what you do ❤️
Once upon a pandemic team 😇

This is definitely not Goodbye as I am sure our paths will cross again soon, one way or another. Please take care, don’t stop dreaming and till we are TUI-gether again! 💙

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