When I was at primary school, I remember once I was asked by a classmate if I could lend him a spare pen if I had one because he left his at home. The good news was, yes, I had a spare pen in my school bag, but it wasn’t a good pen because the ink could not flow so well. So I decided to give my classmate the pen which I had used earlier and I kept the spare pen for myself to use instead. Why? Because I thought I would know the not-so-good pen better and I would know how to fix it, so that my classmate won’t have to deal with it. I thought this should have been called ‘common sense’ until I have come to realization that not so many people would think the same way.

Tell me honestly, what would you do in my situation?

  1. Do the same thing like I do.
  2. Give the spare pen to the classmate. Come on! It wasn’t my fault that my classmate did not have a pen on that day. At least I had something for him.
  3. Give the spare pen to the classmate and explain the issue so he will be aware.

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Camellia Dinh

Hi, it was just me and nothing significant but my regular dose of experiences, thoughts and feelings. Views are my own.

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