Home-cook 🥗

Sometimes we don’t know what you are capable of doing until you make things happened for the ones you love. I am neither some kind of foodie nor someone who knows much about food nor someone who loves cooking, but there’s something I can be sure of – I love the feeling when I cook for someone, friends or family. This is the only time I feel like I would put 100% of my responsibility and diligence and a sense of sophistication into cooking.

This picture below, I guess is one of my signature dish, I call it my signature Pan fried chicken breast fillet salad 🥗 Sesame sauce will be my all time favorite choice, since I can’t eat all different types of veggie, I only choose the only that I can eat: cherry tomato, lettuce, mini cucumber and avocado.

Well enough of bragging right for the day 😊

My signature pan fried chicken salad 🥗

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