My Breakfast Collection 🍳

Who doesn’t eggs? I don’t know but that person is definitely not me. I like all types of eggs and as long as they are cooked 🍳

I like eggs to be cooked to over medium. Not that I don’t like the taste of runny eggs, but I personally find it a bit messy and I am not skillful enough to handle them without making a small or big mess, I decided to stay away from those sunny side up or runny ones 😋

During the lockdown when the choices have become pretty narrow for what you can eat, I have eggs almost every morning on toast. To be sure that I will not bore myself with the same breakfast everyday, I usually come up with 3-5 ways of making my eggs and make sure I don’t eat the same type of eggs every two days.

My bread option: Whole Meal – 02 slides

Egg type: Yes by saying eggs I meant chicken eggs – free range if possible or chicken eggs of any type if I don’t have a choice.

Tea type: English Breakfast, Earl Grey or any type of Herbal Tea. I don’t drink Black Tea after 5:00PM.

Style 1: The basic

Morning Toast + Fried Eggs

This is the simplest start and take the least time to prepare. For this particular day I prepared some butter, raspberry jam and fresh blueberries to give my breakfast a bit more sweet and sour taste 🫐

Style 2: The Scramble-Avo

My Scramble Eggs is rather simple. I whisk the eggs and a bit of pink salt in a small bowl, heat up the pan, add some cooking oil, put the egg mix in for about 20 seconds. Reduce the heat to medium low then stir the egg to make it. S-c-r-a-m-b-l-e. I am also an avocado fan so I added some avocado on toast to enhance my taste. The order is toast – sliced avocado – scrambled eggs and a bit of black pepper on top 🥑

Style 3: Omelette

My ideal type of omelette is a fluffy orange skin outside. To make this, I whisk the eggs with a bit of pink salt in a small bowl. For stuffing I often go with veggie options based on what I have such as carrot, onion, mushroom and capsicum. All needs to be chopped or sliced to be very small and thin so they will blend well with the egg mix later. After the pan is heated up, pour some cooking oil to the pan and wait for for a moment for the oil is hot enough then gently pour the egg mix to the pan. With the vegetable mix I would spread them evenly on top of the egg mix, once the egg gets hard and ready to be turned, I simply fold it into half, then keep turning for 2-3 times to ensure the veggies are heated too and the eggs will be ready to be served.

That’s pretty how my breakfast would go, 10 minutes for preparation each day since the lockdown started. I am still quite happy with this routine though. What are you breakfast options?

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