A guaranteed tomorrow

Isn’t that fantastic? What if we tell you that we actually already have a guarantee of tomorrow, today?

Now is time for some Aussie Spirit. You are tired of all the news about Covid-19 pandemic, a young man who’s poured his all into a business now bankrupt, or a mother who’s grieving the death of her child, you keep wondering when the borders are going to be opened. Of all that happenings, remember, there’s always another day guaranteed, and while there’s life, there’s hope.

That there’s always another chance, another hope, and maybe, another laugh guaranteed.

“Don’t worry about the world coming to and end today, it’s already tomorrow in Australia”.

Charles Monroe Schulz

The author of this famous quote, Charles Monroe Schulz thought his saying was some ‘Cheesy stuff, but it’s true’. I came crossed to this quote about a few years back. I was a little exhausted on the way home from work, after organizing a client’s wedding. My client was not easy, but the wedding was a great success, everyone was happy. Nature has it, there are things happening out of the blue that will come find you any given time, but as an Event Planner, I’ve learned to manage and to deal with whatever might be coming my way. It’s always unexpected and confusing, and even frustrating, but we just know that we will be able to handle it to the almost perfection. The funny thing for me, as an Event Planner is, every time when I have this one successful event organized, I have the feeling that I would never be afraid of anything else in the world, because the more events I organize, the more complexed they are going to be, and the more experienced I am going to get. So yes, it’s cheesy stuff, but it’s true! There’s always another day guaranteed.

“There’s no Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips its turn”

Hal Borland

During the relaunch of Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam, I thought this “Aussie Spirit” is even needed than ever. Because we just don’t know what might be happening tomorrow or next month or next year due to Covid-19. We don’t know if we will be able to keep our business, our job or to continue to live in the current shelter, we just don’t know.

But then we will also know that, “There’s no Winter lasts forever, no Spring skips its turn” (Hal Borland). Australia is perhaps one of the youngest nations in the world, but it always seems to be ahead of us in time and even in spirit. Australia has our tomorrow guaranteed, yet it also one of the first countries to greet the Spring.

By the time that many countries would be sleeping during that cold and gloomy winter, from the other side of the world, some people are celebrating Floriade in Canberra or the Melbourne Cup, because it’s Spring.

What else don’t we know?

We wanted to do many things yet we don’t know if it’s possible. The plan for AHA Vietnam is to host an annual series of event called “Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam Connection Day” this year. We would like to catch up with all other alumni in all major cities of Vietnam and Australia, but the situation is totally unpredicted.

What do we know?

As we’ve all know by now that there will always be a tomorrow guaranteed, we know that’s by end of October, that would already be Spring in Australia, and we know, even we can’t physically meet, technology has brought us amazing solutions to allow us to virtually meet at any given time, without any delay.

What’s Next?

Save the date! For our upcoming Australian Hospitality Alumni Alumni Network Vietnam Connection Day 2021 – Spring Fever. What I can promise you: It’s a good kind of fever. Register for the event now to secure your slots HERE

Register: HERE

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