Greatest Strength

The past two weeks have been easier now for us who live in Ho Chi Minh City. The strict social distancing has been lifted, we are starting to get our normal life back. Obviously you will still encounter a series of annoying administrative Covid-19 measurements, such as you will be asked to complete an online medical declaration everywhere you go or to provide a green pass for though who have been fully vaccinated with 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine or a yellow pass for those who have got their first dose.

I am now catching up with the new normal and working on creating my new healthy habits such as to wake up early every morning and to spend minimum 10 minute to meditate, to take a cold shower, to drink a warm glass of water with honey and lemon or to have a healthy and hearty breakfast.

There are thousands of different meditation programs that you can find online, but I am currently re-starting with Calm for a 10 minute silence every morning and at night before bed.

But why am I doing this? For me it’s a way of re-connecting with myself and to love myself again after a long time spending a lot of time on nurturing my current relationship.

The relationship has been going well for a year now, based on love, friendship, understanding and trust, except for the fact that we are temporarily living apart due to various reasons. Over the past 4 months since the social distancing started, we’ve become even closer to each other and quite a lot of what I have to admit: Attachment! But most of the time in a positive ways that we do make each other better. We were so used to see each other everyday and to have each other presence in almost every daily activity including work or leisure. At times I am so grateful that we have each other while living far away from friends and family especially during the midst of social distancing. Thanks to him, I have all the strengths and courage to do and pursue what I love.

“Even after all, this time the sun never says to the Earth: ‘You owe me’. Look at what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky”.


It’s just temporary, we hope it will be the case but I started to realize, there is such a big hole in my heart at the moment that I need to fill. Who is going to clean my dirty phone? Who is going to make me mad? Who is going to give me a shoulder to lean on? Who is going to scold me every now and then after I destroy his hair cut every single time?

Image: Buddha Doodles

I sent him to the airport, after much hesitation, I was so afraid that I would end up crying and that would upset him. In the end, just like I had imagined, I cried when he hugged me goodbye, I couldn’t speak. That was the moment that I’ve realized, no matter how strong or independent you are, goodbyes, especially to the ones you love never get easier. I’ve also realized that love, not education or wealth, is in fact the greatest strength that a person can have. If a person is willing to give up their maiden name, to change their religious view, to agree to things that they are used to disagree, and to compromise with one another, so that they can stay committed in a relationship. If that’s still not powerful enough, I really don’t know what is.


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