True or False: Luck is an Attitude?

“You are so lucky!

You and me, graduated from the same university. Our skills, experiences and everything else are pretty much similar. Why did you end up having better jobs and better pay and better rewards?

You must have been lucky, and I am not!”

This lady used to say this to me – I smiled and never tried to deny the fact that I have always been and perhaps I will always will one of the luckiest persons in the world. My career has been an incredible journey with lots of excitement. Lots of people love me and I simply don’t have time for those who do not. Ain’t I lucky?

Here comes the day that I would stop counting the years that I live in this life. It was my birthday yesterday and I was asked this morning when I woke up if I felt older. “Well, I felt just like myself, I felt great”, I answered.

I had a great birthday and can’t help feeling like a princess.

I was born in a middle-class family, we were neither rich nor poor. We’ve always have enough. I have been growing up by having loving parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins and friends all around me. Later in life when I am so-called a grown up, I have in hand a countless numbers of partners and mentors. I didn’t know it was not the thing that everyone could be so lucky to have. I am very lucky and blessed in that sense, however, I also know that success doesn’t just grow from the tree, it requires continuous effort and persistence and lots of sacrifices which lie in my untold stories.

  1. I’ve been doing Long-Distance Relationships (LDRs) throughout my life. When I say ‘LDRs‘, they are not all about love relationships, but family, friendship and partnership relations too. I’ve been trained to get used to stay far away from the people I love and I don’t usually require people to come and comfort me from time to time.
  2. As a first year student and a 18 year-old girl, I chose to live on an isolated island for 6 months to work for a resort. I had to travel far away from my community, I was the youngest and the only Vietnamese speaking employee living on an resort island in a foreign country with limited access to internet, phone reception and many other joys in life. I survived and started to understand life.
  3. During my second year at university, I used to wake up at 4:30am daily and spent 45 minutes walk in cold winter morning weather in Canberra, Australia to be on time for my breakfast shift starting sharp at 5:30am. It might have been nothing to some of those who are in extreme disadvantages, but for a so-called princess like me, it was kind of a big deal.
  4. I got bored with certain things and I find ways to get to do what I enjoy. When I did not see my future self working in certain sector, I asked my mentor/supervisor for opportunities to change. Obviously I don’t always get what I ask for, but if you don’t ask, the answer is always no. I did not settle, I never settled for things or people that I do not believe in.
  5. During my first 6 years after graduation, I knew the only way for me to succeed in whatever I do is to work hard and believe in what I think is right. I learned to ignore and forgive those to claim to love me but hurt me with words and actions. I ignored the fact that I had to spend up to 3 hours of daily commute to work, as it was nothing. I was known as the first person who came to the office in the morning and the last one to leave. Occasionally, when it came to extreme scenarios, I stayed up at work even after mid-night or to work over weekends to work on all the time-consuming tasks that no one would like to hold themselves responsible for.
  6. I wouldn’t mind the fact that I am a female leader in any scenario, I don’t fight for gender equality, I think it’s rather an odd thing to say because there’s so such thing called ‘gender equality’. Women and men, we are not born equal, mentally and physically then why bother claiming to be equal? As a women, keep your feminine or your cool or your style or whatsoever you might label it but do not forget to enjoy your ‘ladies first’ privileges! I simply know how much I worth and I do things that I enjoy. I like to grow leaders around me and I wouldn’t allow anyone, a man or a woman to take that power away from me.
  7. I can work harder and more effectively than a group of 3-5 people combined. History proves me right many times that I’ve been playing one-man show in several projects that require an all-time independent thinker and doer to work on. Having said that, I don’t mind the pursuing the job of delegation and team work.
  8. I don’t just ask for things. Neither do I question whether Chicken or Egg comes first, because I don’t know. But I know if I want something, I work hard and smart to create things that I want. If I need to put down my investment whether its time, money or effort, I would do that to make things happen.
  9. I don’t force things when I was not ready, a position or a relationship. I wasn’t lucky in relationship and I sometimes scare the hell out of a man especially when I am at work. The truth is, I’ve found my significant one finally, neither so early nor too late, a person who completes me, he makes me mad and makes me cry, but most important of all, he makes me feel happy and protected.
  10. I would like to keep around me people who add good values to my life. Tell me I am practical, but I don’t see the reason that I should not live my life that way. Life is too short not to spend more quality times with people you love and trust. You can argue with me but I would do it over and over again, prioritize my time for people who matter to me and things that matter to me. I will have no issue to mentally terminate any relationships that no longer serve my life purposes.

Well, things are easier said than done. As people change and things go everywhere, I don’t know if I will be able to live up to all of my personal statements in the next 3-5 years but they are still accurate for me as of now. Some of the best part about having a personal blog? I guess, is the fact that years later that we can look back and laugh at your-younger-self for being either too bold, too immature or too naïve at times 🙂

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