This is Regus

I never thought I would have to write a negative review about any type of service or product, it’s not who I am but #thisisregus so I guess it is different.

Some time ago, I decided to use a virtual office from Regus, which took me to a long journey of mental torture.

To cut the story short, this is a global serviced and virtual office space provider. The company is now called IWG plc, but it was formerly Regus, is a British holding company. Its provides serviced offices under several brand-names, including Regus. 

I was reckless enough to get to an agreement to sign a 2 year-virtual office contract with them. Everything was fine until Covid-19 came.

Just one advice for you all, if you would consider using their service: THERE IS ONE WAY IN BUT NO WAY OUT – so think carefully before you decide to use the service. If you suffer from financial loss or global pandemic, if you are sick or your company went bankrupt, or even when you are unable to access the office during major city lock-downs, they won’t care and they don’t have responsibility to care. You can contact their local office, they would say it’s their policy not to allow contract termination. You will need to submit your enquiry online and to go through their painful customer process just to know one thing: They won’t let you go no matter what.

They will bill you, month by month, with an increasing interest rate and systematic customer service that simply knows how to charge you more. I regret I didn’t not do research in advance, so maybe you deserve to know.

If you are financially stable or if you work for major corporations then you should be safe. But if you are not, here are several sources of information that you should read:

Please release me Regus, let me go.

Tenants accuse work space provider of ‘unethical profiteering’.

Regus Review Stay Away

1,001 different other reviews about Regus can be found HERE

So this is whatever you call it is, I couldn’t find the words to express my disgust. It’s proven that this business model cannot be trusted and from my personal point of view, it shouldn’t have existed at all from the first place.

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