Lots of excuses

It’s been 17 days since I shared my first post on Camellia’s Tea Room. By now you might have assumed that I am somewhat of a tea-holic.  Maybe I will be, someday, and I would love to see myself as a tea specialist too, if I can be one. But the truth is, I am a tea drinker, maybe a bit more than I am as a coffee drinker, or a wine drinker. I sometimes drink liquor, or juices, or milk too. It is also true that I do drink a bit of everything, including tea, but except for canned juices or sweetened soft drinks and absolutely no energy drinks needed for me. I was so confident that I don’t need any type of so-called energy drinks to keep me awake or energized, which was true. In fact, I don’t think I am addicted to anything in life, until one day, I met this yogi who told me that everyone must have some sort of addiction, and mine is work. That was well said, I guess I am a workaholic, to the extend that I might forget everything in life, including the tea that I have just made. Having said that, the moment I know I have the tendency to priority my work over my health, food and other things in life, I am making effort to slowing myself down a bit, so that I can enjoy a cup of tea a little better.

Tea is just an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds

Sanober Khan

If there’s a reason that I chose tea over other beverages, perhaps, tea for me is a drink of calmness. The act of making tea and enjoying a cup of tea is a form of meditation or a way for me to view life with a peaceful mind in order to make better decisions in life. For this reason, I would love to meet more people who share this interest, knowing that tea is miracle gift of life, but it is also just an excuse to share great thoughts with great minds.

One time, I invited this professor that I know to join this group as I thought he might be interested to become a member. This is a quick conversation that I had with him the other day:

Me: How are you Professor?

Professor: The professor is having tea while reading your Facebook invitation.

Me: Does professor like tea too?

Professor: My father would have said: “The intelligent people drink tea”.

I guess I will need to make lots of excuses.

Source: Camellia’s Tea Room

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