Looking back on 2021

I am definitely not the type of resolution girl as I am not a big fan of rules or orders, but I do appreciate all the things coming along my way. Let’s me just try to connect some of the dots so I could appreciate the year in a systematic order 😀

  1. Almost everyone I know: my parents, family members and friends are safe from Covid-19, we are all alive 🙂
  2. I lost my grandfather, my dad lost his father. But we know he lived a great long life, and it was time for him to rest. I am so glad that I was able to had a long conversation with him while he was still able to speak. I’ve learnt that my grandfather’s biggest regret in life for an old man at the age of his 90s, which was to be able to learn and travel more if he had the chance. Then he asked if I had finished my master’s studies, and he asked if it was important for someone to have ethics and kindness, rather than having only talents alone. I told him yes – we have to have it all, knowledge, ethics and a good heart – this is how your granddaughter would choose to live her life.
  3. I have this Covid-19 buddy who has always been supportive, kind and thoughtful. Thank you for being a great partner in every aspect, especially to go through a lock-down with me but didn’t get tired of me.
  4. I am not sure if this is considered as an achievement, but I got a new job and quit within the first 3 months. What do I say? Every decision you make eventually is the best decision. It was the second year of Covid-19, I didn’t know what to expect, but I really did not enjoy the environment so I decided to prioritize my mental and physical health instead. Thanks to that I have rooms for other things in life.
  5. I’ve got to watch TV AGAIN! Well, this doesn’t sound like an achievement either, but it’s just Netflix actually. I was introduced to several movies and series, but I know my all time favorite now would be SUITS. I know it’s a bit late but I think SUITS’s got one of the biggest fans on the planet. I literally love every character from the series and most importantly, it’s influenced the way I look at life and fiction drama & movies 🙂
  6. Relaunched Australian Hospitality Alumni Network Vietnam – I think this is one of the things that I am most proud of while looking back on 2021 to support the network of Australian hospitality alumni and professionals in Australia and Vietnam.
  7. Launched Wedding & Special Event Network Vietnam – I am proud to be one of the Co-Founders of the group. This will help create lots of exciting activities to promote Vietnam as an emerging wedding destination in Southeast Asia.
  8. Launching Beyoutiful TV – my lifestyle Youtube Channel to promote lifestyle and education for women. I believe this will be the starting point of a bigger project of Beyoutiful Vietnam.
  9. I’ve put an end to my end to my Executive Master of Business Administration program that took me 3 years to finish. Glad to count myself as one of the most recent RMIT’s EMBA alumni.
  10. Created Camellia’s Tea Room – a Facebook group for me to share knowledge and thoughts about tea products and culture.

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