Way of life

Hello everyone, it’s been quite some time since my last Blog Post. The truth is, I’ve been busy fighting my own battle inside my mind and learning how to embrace uncertainty, but more importantly, sometimes it might be better that we remain silent when we have nothing (good) to say, so I’ve been a little more quiet for that reason. 

A friend of mine started a business named “Cô Cà Chua”, in English it means “Miss Tomato”, a biograded cleaning detergent brand which produces natural liquid like shampoo, washing detergents and cleaning spray. The product has been introduced to the market since 2019 and achieved much of its deserved success. The products certainly know their jobs in ‘cleaning business’, they are also proven to be friendly to both human and the environment. However, while the potentials are there to see, the challenges remain for the business owners. The products are said to be overpriced or not effective enough compared to other FMCG products. 

I meant seriously? You can’t compare them that way. 

Don’t get me wrong, there is a long way for Cô Cà Chua to work and increase its presence in the market, but it’s not about the story of one acclaimed natural product trying to make a difference. It’s much in the mindset of people. You don’t compare your fried chicken that your mother prepares for you to what you get from KFC. It’s not the same. 

It will take a major change in lifestyle, habits, the way people perceive life and the way they consume the Earth rather than just time or money.

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