The Grit

This morning, while I was doing some of my online studies, I saw this question popped up:

“When you’re forming a new team to undertake a high stakes venture. What would you prioritize when hiring?”

I know, most of the time the answer to this question would be “Attitude“, but when it comes to “forming a new team to undertake a high stakes venture”, attitude, together with technical skills and prior-experience are considered must-have. Why? Because you are simply not hiring interns and fresh graduates, we are talking about a high stakes venture.

The longer time I spend on working with people and on different projects, the more I believe that you need to have the G-R-I-T!

But what the hell is grit?

It was funny enough, I never heard the word ‘grit’ and I didn’t even know the meaning when I first saw it, so I had almost skipped that very option until I realized that I will need to do some research myself on that very word.

According to Angela Duckworth, the world’s leading expert on “grit,” the much-hyped ingredient in personal success. And according to the Cambridge dictionary, grit could give meaning to courage and determination despite the difficulty.

Source: Cambridge Dictionary

Guess what? It reminds me of all my prior experiences and reasons for leaving my previous jobs when I was in my twenties. I knew I had other job options that allowed me to gain leverage over any current job positions that I have had, but did I really have the grit I need so that I can follow long-term and meaningful goals?

Credit: Harvard Business School Online

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