Guess what? Camellia doesn’t like to share her food either.

Ever since I was a child, I hated it every time people asked me to share the food that I was eating. I found it a little disgusting seeing people sharing the same bites, using the same chopsticks, drinking from the same glass or using the same spoon. I was like ewww. Although I didn’t give any comment but if they wanted the food that I was eating, they could have it all they want because it simply is not hygienic to do so.

But that could change, I guess. I figured out when I was growing up, if you could kiss someone, you could share food with them to.

For me it goes the same for hugging or cuddling.

Once I was asked if I liked cuddling. I answered: “It depends on who I am with”.

To tell the truth, I don’t like sharing food, I don’t like hugging people, I don’t like cuddling, but exceptions exist, depends on the person that I am with.

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