The Art Lovers

I first met Art Thomya in early 2019 in Halong Bay while we both attended the Asian Tourism Forum (ATF 2019). Art was introduced to me as a Travel Ambassador of Hey ASEAN through a media collaboration with the hotel group that I worked for at that time. The more I get to know the guy, the more I get surprised of how talented he is. Art has his engineering background. He is also an ex-Googler and is a digital nomad. However, of all the interests he cares about in life, his heart is about Art and Music. In fact, Art is a great singer and a song writer, and an awesome public speaker.

So, Art and I have known each other for 4 years almost. Since he lives in Bangkok, we often meet during our regional trips in Southeast Asia. During Covid-19, most of our travel plans were postponed or cancelled, but social media helped a lot to maintain our presence in each other’s life. Our most recent catch-up was in Ho Chi Minh City, where I am currently residing and working. It was Art’s first international trip in 3 years. This time, I welcomed Art at Fusion Original Saigon Centre – a home for the daring, an art hotel for art lovers. By art lovers I meant Art Thomya and myself.

Camellia & Art in an interview at Fusion Original Saigon Centre

The Art Journey has also been fascinating. I’ve been wondering how creative Art can get with his travel contents, but it seems to me he never really ran out of creativity. This guy has his genuine interest in learning new languages and culture, he can sing almost any song in any language. Here are some of photos taken from Art’s Journey in Ho Chi Minh City.

The Grand Lobby at Fusion Original Saigon Centre | Image: Art Thomya
Warm wooden furniture tastefully blended with old-world bronze create a welcoming environment of muted grandeur at Fusion Original Saigon Centre | Image: Art Thomya
A sweet ending for Art with Dammann Citrus tea and a posh Tira-miss-Thu, created by Chef Arnaud Daleau of Miss Thu Restaurant | Image: Art Thomya
Art’s favourite would be King Crab Noodles at Miss Thu Restaurant | Image: Art Thomya
Enjoy being a movie star! Be your own producer. Use your creativity for photos taking | Image: Art Thomya
Breakfast at Miss Thu is perhaps one of the most delightful experiences of all | Image: Art Thomya
Camellia, Art and Duc – Farewell scene at Fusion Original Saigon Centre Lobby | Image: Art Thomya

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