Fusion Original Saigon Centre & 12 things to love

I love connecting all the dots in life and see if they make sense…

Last weekend, while I was attending an education webinar as a guest speaker, I suddenly got asked by the organizer to answer this point-blank question: “If you were the judge for a presentation contest, what quality from the candidate that you would value the most?”. I paused a moment to think, while another speaker quickly gave her answer: “Confidence! I think that if you are confident, you will have a chance to win against other competitors”. Hmmm, I thought to myself then gave them my answer: “I think besides confidence, I guess it’s the key factor to win in any competition, however, I would be impressed if the contestants can show me their personalities, the ones who are able to build rapport with the audiences, and those who have the ability to create a range of emotions through their performances”.

After more than 10 years of work experience in hospitality, I know I still have not seen enough and I never will. However, as the hotel industry has been developing at a fast pace, and most lodging projects are becoming more and more commercial and standardized, I often find myself stopping expecting the unexpected. What do I expect? Not much, but a hotel that could give me a range of emotions, which is not easy to find. Once someone said this to me while referring to the project that I have been chosen to work on: “You don’t have to try to be the best, you just need to be unique”. Unique is the right word that we use to describe Fusion Original Saigon Centre – the workplace that has become my home for the past five months. For me, my first impression of Fusion Original Saigon Centre is very much like love at first sight, and I have still been falling for the so-called: ‘a-home-for-the-daring’ every single day.

More than just a hotel, for us, it’s the home for the daring, and here are the 12 things for you to love.

1. An art hotel for art lovers

Yes, most Fusion hotels are known for their unique designs, but Fusion Originals are exceptional in that matter. If you are one of those who expects the unexpected then this property is for you. It’s simply because, you’ll never know what you might end up seeing at the end of the corner. Whether it’s the impressive design of the grand lobby or to get lost in the hotel corridor with the beautiful paintings. I guess could be a little overwhelmed for some who might as well think it’s a lot for them to take in, but we are talking about arts so yes, I agree, there’s a lot to take in and it’s definitely for guests with specific tastes.

For me, my first impression of Fusion Original Saigon Centre is very much like love at first sight, and I have still been falling for the so-called ‘a-home-for-the-daring’ every single day.

Camellia Dinh
Fusion Original Saigon Centre Grand Lobby | Image: Art Thomya
The corridor | Image: Fusion Original Saigon Centre

2. Dream Location

Believe it when the Fusion STARs say that Fusion Original Saigon Centre is located in the heart of the city, they really mean it. You simply can’t find any location in Ho Chi Minh City which is more central than that. It’s with walking distance to the city’s highlight attractions such as Saigon Opera House, Nguyen Hue Walking Street, Ben Thanh Market, Saigon Notre Dame, Independence Palace, and key financial towers like Bitexco, Vincom, Sun Wah Tower and Vietcombank Tower. Nested inside the prestigious Saigon Centre Shopping Mall, and just steps away from the new underground train service, Fusion Original Saigon Centre is an address to connect travelers to the city’s artistry.

Located in the heart of Saigon, nested inside the prestigious Saigon Centre Shopping Mall, just steps away from the new underground train service, Fusion Original Saigon Centre is an address to connect travelers to the city’s artistry.

3. A Saigon’s cultural hub with inspiring local art and stories

One of the most iconic places to represent Saigon’s culture is “Hẻm”. A small alley can have more than ten stories to tell, and each one is so unique on its own. “Hẻm” is where you can usually find Saigon’s best kept secrets including some of the finest hidden restaurants, bars and shophouses. Now we have Fusion Original Saigon Centre, which can also be found in an alley within Saigon Centre complex.

“Hẻm” at Fusion Original Saigon Centre
A birdcage can be found often around the city, from a small alley to a large apartment. Saigonese believes raising birds as their pet is a good habit; our Design Director Sofia Mosquera has adopted this idea to create an iconic decorative piece for Fusion Original Saigon Centre | Image: Fusion Original Saigon Centre.

4. Feel like home

Gone are the days that all hotels need to be standardized in order to get the five star rating. This is why we start seeing more and more collection and boutique hotels coming up. Customers these days seek for unique experiences, things that the market does not provide.

One of the best-selling room categories at Fusion Original Saigon Centre is actually the Two Bedroom Executive. There are 36 units of them. Each unit comes with a well-appointed living room, one master bedroom and one twin bedroom, just like what you have at home.

Warm wooden furniture tastefully blended with old-world bronze create a welcoming environment of muted grandeur | Image: Art Thomya

To make you feel even more like home, guests can grab any drink of their choice from our mini-bar selection or to enjoy seasonable fruits from the Reload Pantry, located in every floor. Wait, what? Did I mention that both minibar and the Reload Pantry services are free of charge?

24/7 Reload Pantry – loaded with assorted tea, coffee, seasonal fruits and snacks | Image: Art Thomya
One of our guests’ favorites in-room item – Marshall Bluetooth speaker | Image: Art Thomya
The bathrobes and sleepers – some of those items that I always wanted to steal 🙂

5. Shopping Experience

What’s better than having a hotel located inside a shopping mall when you are a shopaholic? In fact, you don’t have to be one, but it doesn’t mean you can’t make the best out of your stay while being here with us. Saigon Centre is home to more than 400 well-known brands for you to choose from. If you are loyal to certain brands, you may be able to enjoy some great complimentary benefits as well. For instance, customers who have a Rimowa suitcase can get a free warranty touch-up. You can also explore many other local markets or shopping centers nearby such as Takashimaya, Vincom Centre, Diamond Plaza and Union Square.

Image: Rimowa

6. Breakfast at the club

Somehow every time I arrive to breakfast at the restaurant, I am reminded of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Perhaps it is because of the paint color of Level 24 corridor where Miss Thu restaurant is located and a great combination of white, blue and gold pallet. The breakfast experience here is another highlight that prepares you a great start to the day. Fusion Original Saigon Centre knows how to balance it well between the breakfast rush and your leisure time, this is why the hybrid breakfast concept was created to bring out the best of both. Guests are invited to enjoy an array of offerings from the semi buffet, a fresh apple or some crispy bacon. However, what makes the culinary journey here even more delightful is the offer from the breakfast a la carte menu. Imagine yourself being carefully served with thoughtfully sourced ingredients; the food not only looks good but tastes good. It’s like you’re having breakfast at a club floor, which is definitely not easy to find.

My to-go order in the breakfast a la carte menu here is either the Belgium Waffle, a healthy omelette or a bowl of Bischer muesli. Do not forget to enjoy the views from the 24F looking over the city landscape and Saigon river.

My favorite Belgium Waffle at Miss Thu Restaurant
Food from the buffet: Enjoy the classic crispy bacon, sausages and croissants | Image: Art Thomya

7. Miss Thu – A Story-led restaurant

The restaurant is named after Miss Thu and her story. Miss Thu is a lady of cultured presence, the embodiment of an extraordinary life story that fascinates and enthrals all who enter her impeccably curated world. Cosmopolitan, daring and enigmatic, Miss Thu is sophisticated and modern, yet traditional and timeless. She captures the graceful elegance of her native Indochina and melds it seamlessly with the influences of her unique voyage of discovery. The restaurant opens daily from 18:00-22:00.

Miss Thu is a lady of cultured presence, the embodiment of an extraordinary life story that fascinates and enthrals all who enter her impeccably curated world | Image: Fusion Original Saigon Centre
Vietnamese Inspired Dishes at Miss Thu Restaurant | Image: Art Thomya
Not sure if we can find a better pair, Cirtrus Dammann Tea and the famous Tira-miss-Thu | Image: Art Thomya

8. Technology, welcome!

The technology rules in various aspect of Fusion Original Saigon Centre’s daily operations. One is for saving the environment – by reducing the number of printed collaterals in the property. You will easily be able to spot a QR code in the bathroom that links you to our selection of extra order of toiletries.

Another great initiative from Fusion Original Saigon Centre is the Fusion Original Saigon Centre App, available on both Android and iOS devices. The app is designed with robust capabilities, including mobile check-in and mobile key. Not only guests can find useful information from the hotel and the surroundings. also get in touch with our Central Intelligence Agents (CIAs) directly through the live chat function of the App.

9. Diversity, welcome!

I had previously published an article Solo Female Travelers in Saigon where Fusion Original Saigon Centre is mentioned. Yes, here in this hotel, the management is serious about making a safe, fun and hassle-free stay for all guests. By all guests, we would like to refer to single travelers, couples, corporate travelers, tourists, families and groups. Did I mention solo female travelers? and LGBTQ+ community? Just so we all know, you are welcome!

10. Entertainment is prohibited! No, I’m kidding!

What to do when you suddenly get bored in certain times of your stay at Fusion Original Saigon Centre? Apart from all the things that are offered to you as mentioned above, board games are available on request. Our CIAs are just a call or a text away regardless of when and where you need the service.

11. Find peace in The Nest Lounge

The Nest is our exclusive guest lounge tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the outside city. It’s a comforting corner where you can relax for a moment before venturing out into the city for more exploration or en route to the next destination. This nook offers guests a daily refreshing selection of savories and healthy treats by the chef, fresh juices and detox drinks, self-relaxation therapy, and other comforts. A shower and change rooms are available for non-residential guests also. If you only have a few hours of wandering in Ho Chi Minh City, the Nest could be a great option.

12. Innovative Wellness Experience

Last but certainly not least, this daring home will continue to bring new experiences for its guests. Part of Fusion Original Saigon Centre’s wellness experiences, guests can choose to dive in the outdoor swimming pool with stunning views of the city or choose a suitable fitness activity in Centuryon, a world-class wellness & yoga center, both are located in level 6 of the Saigon Centre complex.

Swimming Pool | Image: Fusion Original Saigon Centre
Centuryon Wellness & Fitness Centre, Level 6, Saigon Centre | Image: Centuryon

This is a long post, but I am sure the list will get longer. Stay tuned till my next post!


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