The Weekend Away at Fusion Resort Cam Ranh

Not everyone knows what they want in life so those who know must be blessed. I didn’t always know what I want until I reached my late twenties. Before that, I must admit that I always have and always will have the tendency to follow my guts for everything I choose to do, even if it means going against other people’s will. By people, I meant my parents or siblings or those who matter to me in short. There were things that I just can’t explain, such as where I decided to study, which career path I decided to take or decide on my definition of ‘having fun’ or ‘enjoying life’ in my own way, or who I want to spend my time with. After all, it’s my life, isn’t it?

I appreciate every moment I have when I can start putting it into writing, because I know I can’t really write anything when my judgment is clouded. I believe it’s my own way to find a balance between work, life, emotions, relationships, and everything else.

Guess what? The month of November 2022 marked my six-month anniversary at work – by work I meant my full-time job as a hotelier at Fusion Hotel Group. By the time I started this new job, I thought it was the busiest time of my life trying to juggle between careers, projects, and deadlines. Just in time, I thought I couldn’t get busier; the level of busy-ness keeps climbing up. I have a 9-5 job, but also committed 9 hours per week to teach at my university, let alone the time spent on mentoring, marking, and attending events. I’ve managed to talk like nothing can get through me. About over two years ago, I started hanging out with this lady group of four including myself. The idea came once or twice that two members of the group started referring ourselves as ‘The Alphas’. I never thought I would be calling myself an ‘alpha’ female, but if this is how other people would like to take it then I guess I will respect the way they want to perceive me.

Life has a funny way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen all at once.

Paulo Coelho

So, after 6 months of running to work like a maniac, I decided to start treating myself a little better with more ‘me’ time and time with friends. I invited the Alphas to join me on a trip to visit one of our sister’s properties in Vietnam – at the Fusion Resort Cam Ranh. The trip was exactly what we needed for all of us to bond and for each of us to gain a different perspective of life.

The Alphas at Maia Spa, Fusion Resort Cam Ranh

It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who you have besides you

Frankly speaking, I never considered Cam Ranh as a travel destination for me, I thought the place itself is merely part of a new beach-front resort real estate development. But what else can we expect? Isn’t that happening everywhere in Vietnam and the rest of Southeast Asian countries also? The good news is Fusion resorts are not part of the hotel factory with high-rise buildings. Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, on the bright side, has many unique advantages over other resorts nearby and across the region.

One hour flight from Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, excluding the time of take-off and landing, it took me 5 songs from my playlists to reach Cam Ranh international airport. The resort is only 10 mins drive from the airport also, which comes in handy as a location advantage. The moment we entered the gate of Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, I thought to myself while glancing at the natural scenery of the resort, I really did not know that paradise was so close to where I live. By paradise, I don’t just mean the coconut trees and the beach, but the people I have with me. I am grateful that I will always have options in life to choose the right people I want to spend my time with.

A VIP welcome by the Mr Dawid Koegelenberg and Khun Jack

The Fusion Farm

The Fusion Farm is one of the largest resort farms in Vietnam. For Fusion Resort Cam Ranh, it was known as their ‘Covid-19 baby’. While I have seen multiple resorts in Vietnam which have accomplished many impressive achievements during the pandemic lockdown, this project is one of the most impressive ones that I have seen for myself. Here you will get to see a variety of homegrown vegetables and an incredible group of farm animals of all kinds from chicken to duck, and peacocks to goats. For those who seek for edutainment programs or to learn more about sustainability, I believe this is the place for you to be. We were recommended that the best time to visit the farm would be in the morning around 7:30-9:00am. During these hours you will be invited to pick up fresh free-range eggs and the best part? You can ask the Chef to cook them the way you like them to be for your very own breakfast.

Fresh free-range chicken eggs from Fusion Farm

Breakfast anytime, anywhere

We were so lucky to get to stay at one of the nicest pool villas in the resort with thoughtful amenities throughout our weekend trip. I believe it’s called the “Hideaway Deluxe Pool Villa”. Cam Ranh is not so close to Nha Trang city, but it didn’t bother us anyway because this time we just wanted to have lots of fresh air and maximize our level of laziness. The resort concept helps a lot by offering the “Breakfast Anytime Anywhere” service. We chose to have breakfast at the main restaurant on the first day, then on the second day, we ordered it by the pool and enjoyed the one-of-a-kind floating breakfast at Fusion Resort Cam Ranh.

Floating breakfast by the pool

The Perspective

In the beginning, I thought I would be spending my time in Cam Ranh for the view, the air, the blue sky, the sea and of course the people too. We were very lucky to have them all during this short trip, but what I really meant was to learn a whole new perspective about my own learning curve, which I couldn’t get close to it by staying at home.

I wanted to thank Mr. Dawid Koegelenberg the General Manager of Fusion Resort Cam Ranh for making our stay so memorable. Not only that, but while I was trying to make the best use of my time there, I was fortunate enough to have him spend some time on an online session to speak to my students and share his experience as an experienced luxury resort General Manager. First I really thought that was a speech that he prepared for my students, but I ended up surprising myself instead with the amount of information which is given by him such as how each room category was named in a way that would be best to sell them from a marketing standpoint. By then, I’d come to the realization of how lucky I am to have myself to be surrounded by extraordinary people.

Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, every day can end beautifully – Kristen Butler
Goodbye Jack, see you next time!

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