Keeping score

I’ve had some cloudiest days of the weeks or months, to the extent that I wanted to publish an article for many days, but I couldn’t manage to write anything at all. That said, I really can’t write anything when my judgment is clouded, but I’ve also realized that I have been too busy trying to keep score with myself over the past weeks and months.

So, I decided to leave work early and went home, sleeping for four hours straight. A friend of mine came over to bring me food. After dinner, I made tea and we both fired up our laptops to work on our own things. Finally, I managed to start writing a new blog post.

Life has a funny way of keeping score, the reason is simple, as humans, we will never be satisfied with what we have. I always thought that it must be so brave to be born as a human, because the truth is, we humans, are the only animal on the planet that pays to live, and we always want to have more of whatever it might be.

To me, life is a series of events, and it is an art of progress. We all want to be more successful on our own terms, this is why we have been keeping score so that we can achieve our own goals, whether it is about money making, obtaining an education, or finding the love of our lives.

Some said that the minute you start keeping score, you’re destroying the relationship. As for who I am today, I can’t really agree with it, because if we don’t keep score, then how do we know that we are capable of doing greater things in life? Knowing how to keep score is an important part of having a winning mindset. If we know how to do it right, knowing that the only person that we have to compete with is ourselves, then keeping score is the way to move forward.

I have gone through days of disappointment and distrust, but part of growing is that we learn how to forgive and let go of things or people that no longer serve us.

My way of keeping score is to keep believing in what I think is right and to learn not to give up on things and people that I truly care about. At the end of the day, quality only happens when you care enough to do your best. You don’t need to act like you care, you just need to care enough to act.

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