Year of the Tiger in a nutshell 🎀

Honestly speaking, I don’t know what I’ve accomplished in details over the past 12 months. My short-term brain only allows me to track back to what happened to me 6 months ago.

6 months ago at that very interview with this gentleman who later on become my boss:
Me: I have a question to ask. I feel like I want to be part of your hotel opening project but I’ve also worked all those years to become a university lecturer and I have my other obligations with multiple social communities, do you think it’s possible for me to pursue everything at once? I don’t want to have conflicts of interest yet I don’t want to have to drop anything that I’ve worked so hard to become who I am today.
Him: No, as long as you could make sure there isn’t any conflict of interests. We look at the results at the end of the day.

Everyday from now and then:
Wake up at 5:30am every single day, 2 times per week doing PT sessions, work like a boss, eat like a cat 🐈, and teach like a badass lecturer 👩‍🏫

The one thing that I did differently: Signing a contract with my personal trainer and to be committed to that.

6 months later:
Being part of a winning SMR team with a financial performance that is much better than what any of us could ever dream of. I have now my 100+ first students in my very first teaching career and many more meaningful relationships and projects for life.

My Sales & Marketing & Revenue Team at Fusion Original Saigon Centre

To break the status quo and to create something out of the ordinary ✨

Thank you, for giving me the freedom to do the things I love ♥️ To a #fearless year of the Cat to come 🐈

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