Post-it Love!

I grabbed myself one of the Post-it notes, wrote your name down and sticked on the wall. With knowing that you're never going to find it... just like one in a million of stars... #thinkingofyou #thenotecoffee


I allow myself to confess some of my weak moments today. Well this is still my world isn't it? I've been thinking of someone and still thinking of that person today. It's the man who said something to me that got stuck on my mind for months. He said we were not normal. And he [...]


Someone told me that if I ever got lost in the mountains, I should look for Polaris. Other stars move with the changing of the seasons, but Polaris stays the same. It's always there like the ones who really truly love you.


One friend of mine gave me this book as a gift once we went to a bookstore together, by the time I was 22 years old and a few months. I did not believe in this book - like many other cases I often read on the newspapers as I think the authors simply select [...]


I've always been asked by many people if I ever had a boyfriend as they hardly ever see me publically disclose any information regarding my relationship status nor private life. Well, I think that was something that I used to do, when I was 15 - back to the point that Blog 360 by Yahoo was so [...]