Nàng thơ

Nàng thơ

Mình đã từng là một đứa bé đi sưu tập những nhánh cây và hoa về nhà trồng và mỗi sáng đều chạy lên sân thượng để kiểm tra xem hoa mười giờ đã nở chưa và luôn cảm thấy vui mỗi khi có một bông hoa nở đẹp. Giờ thì không cây cũng chẳng cỏ, chỉ thầm ngưỡng mộ những người luôn nuôi dưỡng tình yêu đặc biệt với thiên nhiên.

Fish or Factory?

It could not get more dramatic than this, people in my country, in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam have been given a closed ended question of getting to choose between objects: Fish and Factory? Both are worth having of course, and while many of us still do not know what I'm talking about, then here [...]


Some of my favourite quotes at all times: After Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week says W-T-F. I firmly believe that your attitude decides how your day should be. But it does happens that some days are simply worse than the rest of other days, and we shall call it the terrible, horrible, [...]


all depends on a leisurely breakfast... "~John Gunther Thank you John Gunther, although I do not know who you are but I would like to thank you for having given us this great quote. And for me, happiness sometimes is just a matter of habits. It does not mean that you have to keep doing [...]

Sapa 2016

Well trust me, I know, I know, I was supposed to be sitting and writing 2 motivation letters which would need to be urgently sent to Finland by tomorrow for my MBA applications. But since I not yet have any motivation to write that sort of thing (Well I don't even think that I actually [...]


I've lost my headphones. I have been looking for days but still haven't seen them anywhere. I was thinking of purchasing a new pair of headphones (which I will need them eventually for so many different purposes) but I stopped for a moment and think... Would it be better if I quit wearing headphones...? I [...]