Hoa Sen Spa at Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho 🧖‍♀️

As I did not have time for a holiday after a long time due to travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, I decided to give myself, body and mind a little love. So a meeting with Ms Ha – the Spa Manager was the first thing that I did right after my arrival at Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho on its first day of opening on 01 December 2020.

I won’t spend too much time into details as I am obviously not a professional Spa reviewer but I can honestly tell how I felt after all as well as to share some of the pictures that I took briefly while I was there.

The Sight

First of all, the design of the Spa would definitely give anyone a great first impression. It is more than just a Spa, it’s a real architectural masterpiece. Secondly, this is something that you would need to go and experience by yourself, the sense of smell at Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho is something rather unique.

Definitely one of the most unique Spa that I have visited by far.

The Smell

The scent is called Fugela, a special essential oil blend which has been used widely at all Zannier Hotels to give you a sensible smell experience. This unique scent lingers in most areas of the resort from the hand towel which is given to you at arrival to the air diffuser at the guest room as well as in Spa area.

The Taste

Needless for me to say, the welcome drink would define the level of service of each and every Spa, as it is a way to show your guests your appreciation but also to elevate their experience by giving them a beautiful treat that inspires their taste buds and slowly guide them to a journey of soothing their mind, body and soul. The welcome treatment would includes a hand towel infused with Fugela essential old, a selection of Vietnamese specialities including assorted herbal teas and mini dried fruits.

I was promised by Ms Ha that I would be invited to try many different types of herbal teas such as hibiscus or the fresh Himalayan ginseng are used to strengthen your immune system.
My welcome treatment at Hoa Sen Spa

The Touch

I chose the 120 minute Signature Hoa Sen Ritual. What makes it unique would be to have two therapists to conduct this Spa session at the same time. I never really had this experience before and it does create a balanced experience while having two therapists to work on both sides of your body at the same time.

To be fair, it could have been better as the therapists were more skillful, but considering they were very new and considering I was the first real guest that they had ever had, I would give these two ladies 8/10 for the service that I have received.

The Spa is open daily from 09:00-20:00
The Sauna
One of the most beautiful steam rooms which I have ever seen.
A standard double treatment room

The Sound

The music selection at Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho and this Spa would work well for me. Not only it is gentle but it’s a selection of local instrumental songs that would create a sense of belonging or nostalgia for us Vietnamese especially – And I would like to know what our foreign friends would think about them too.

There’s an option for treatment room with natural daylight too.
Everything looks pretty simple here just like the resort concept to bring you to the Vietnamese homeland.

Again, this is my first experience at Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho as well as for the resort operations team to provide first time services, but I am sure it will turn out to be a new gem in luxury travel in Vietnam sooner than we realize.

Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho

I always wanted to share my first thoughts and experiences about Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho as I was one of the very first guests who had the pleasure to stay at the resort on its opening date on the 01st of December 2020 but I never really did. I only said yes I would like to recommend you to go and see the resort by yourself and I am confident that you will not be disappointed because the experience will be unparalleled for each and everyone of us.

Regardless of how much I wanted to write, I also had the feeling that sometimes, words cannot really describe how we feel about something or someone, and words can be cheesy and totally unnecessary at times. But for a year of battling with a global pandemic and for someone like me who happens to stay in the hospitality and tourism industry, I have convinced myself that I would need to start with all the little things that could potentially help saving the industry whenever I have a chance. Some of the things that I do would include the acts of giving more public compliments such as a positive review on TripAdvisor or a five star rating on Facebook to all service providers who are able to maintain high quality of services regardless of the challenging business situation that we are all facing.

Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho is one of those resort projects which has been brave enough to open their resort during the unprecedented months of Covid-19. When I first heard of this project and had the chance to see the first sneak-peeks of the projects, I was convinced that Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho will be a project that makes Vietnam so proud to have.

Where is the resort and how to get there? Well I get confused most of the times as I have a pretty horrible sense of geography and directions. So Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho is located in Phu Yen Province, closer to the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Although it’s in Phu Yen but I heard that the resort is closer to Quy Nhon City of Binh Dinh Province, this will give you two flight options. You could either fly to Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen) Airport, which takes you 1.5 hour drive to the resort or to Quy Nhon (Binh Dinh) airport as the travel distance is about 1 hour drive away only. I chose to fly to Tuy Hoa, a bit more time for the transition but it did not matter so much. Tuy Hoa airport is tiny but neat, and driveway is quite nice and refreshing as you would easily catch a view to the sea as soon as you leave the airport. Most importantly, Tuy Hoa city has still been able to keep its natural beauty with beautiful landscapes, mountains and green fields. I hope they will be able to keep it like this for a longer while before the new developments will turn the city into a touristic place.

Tuy Hoa Airport in Phu Yen

Who wants to be there? I guess old people want to be there ☺️ No, I actually I would like to refer to people who appreciate privacy, nature, culture, history and a sense of discreet elegance. I heard there are about 5 or 6 Zannier Hotels in the world only so Vietnam must be very lucky to have one. The brand was founded by Arnaud Zannier in 2011 and wherever they are, Arnaud would like bring out the authenticity and uniqueness of what the host country can offer. This does make me think quite a bit and I do raise quite a few questions for myself too.

I feel pretty humble to stay in this 98-hecta resort, in the middle of a beautiful national park, the coast and not far away is the coral reef. Some of the rooms are located up on the hills and would take quite a long walk for you to get to the reception, and of course you can always call the buggy service to save time too.
Every room is designed in different style, reflecting the lives of several Vietnamese minority groups such as Ede or Cham ethnic people.
One of the Hill Villas in Ede ethnic style with a
private swimming pool.
A great place to escape from reality ☺️

The resort has been built and developed to serve several targeted groups but mostly to international travelers. Sadly those people won’t be able to get here anytime soon unless Covid-19 would be under control but then there’s a great chance for affluent Vietnamese and a small portion of expatriates to explore and learn to appreciate what they have. Since when all those simple things have become a luxury in our modern life?

I didn’t try these bicycles but that would be an option for you to travel around the resort too. You can also contact the travel desk if you would like to have a bicycle tour to explore the surroundings too.

I have the feeling that Vietnamese started to have to pay much to gain back what we have lost from the past, for things which are both tangible and intangible.

The only picture that has my face in it while I was at Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho – Myself (on the left) and Michael Wirz – Resort Manager who was always attentive and helpful.

I was welcomed by the team led by Michael Wirz, the Resort Manager at arrival. We spent a bit of time to talk and I could feel how much passion that they have put on this project and to be able to put things together. You don’t get to see a collection resort like this that often, and I was very lucky again to get upgrade to a Beach Villa with a Private Pool. I was told it is designed in the housing style of Cham ethnic group.

Beach Villa Living Room

The French style bed 🛌 ☺️
I found this knife in the living room area, not sure if this would be safe to display it like this but I was quite happy the moment I saw the knife because I thought I could only find those things at my grandmother’s 👵.
The Library at the resort lobby
My beautiful private pool on the day of departure 😞
A corner of Ba Hai’s Restaurant (Mrs Hai Restaurant). I am pretty sure that I had seen this very often whist I was a child whenever I get a chance to visit my grandparents or relatives in the Northern provinces.
My favorite corner from Nha O restaurant.
Hoa Sen Spa is a gem. I will have a separate review for the spa later.

I think I will need to go back for a second visit because I did not get a chance to see everything during this 3 days and 2 nights trip. I thought I would need at least a week for my slow-motion brain to process but hope that I have been able to give a little bit of here and there so that you can have the first glance look.

The food service was alright for a pre-opening stage. I might not be the right person to give comment on food services as I am no expert here but I thought it could be improved as the resort will receive more guests but over all the team has done an excellent job to make me feel very happy and welcome 🙏
I will remember this feeling of having a princess-like bedroom while it is made after the turn-down service 👸

Thank you again to Zannier Hotels Bai San Ho for this short but lovely stay! See you soon!