Solo Female Travelers in Saigon

This blog post is written by Mai Hoa, a colleague of mine on the occasion of women’s day in Vietnam. I thought it would be worth sharing for those female solo travelers who are planning their trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

The pandemic has surely changed how we live and enjoy life. The way we travel is not an exception. In 2022, when world citizens are finally able to move their feet to new destinations again, they’re now traveling on their own.

Travelling without company is no longer a new trend. With the glamorised lifestyle of travel bloggers/vloggers who choose to take the road solo, Google search volume for keyword “solo travel” have increased impressively by 267% in the first quarter of 2022.

This October, taking the occasion of the Vietnamese Women’s Day and with Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, widely known as Saigon, being picked one of the most beloved destinations for female solo travelers, here’s a top guide on how to pack home the best travel memories you’ve ever had.


Why choose to travel to a city vibrating with energy, offering show-stopping cuisine every two steps you take with arguably one of the most welcoming and heart-warming characteristics of its people? Because why not?

According to Vietnam Discovery, and the majority of travelers, Vietnam is a backpackers-haven in South East Asia. We’re a safe and traveler-friendly country with almost all the support any traveler can ask for.

Travelling solo in Saigon, especially as a female, the petty crimes and little incidents are what you need to take extra precaution for. However, harassment, assault and major crimes are rare and not likely to happen with tourists.

If you’re a first-time solo traveller, many female folks have recommended Vietnam in general and Saigon specifically for their first lone trip. Our country offers hospitable people, English-speaking enthusiastic locals who are always willing to provide support.

With the significant increase of solo female travellers, more and more hotels and accommodation establishments are adjusting their policies in order to protect their Guests‘ safety, as well as enhance Guests’ experience and privacy | Image: Fusion Original Saigon Centre


Stay Connected with Your Friends & Relatives

First thing to get when you arrive at the airport is to get a local sim card with access to mobile data. Despite the great feeling of complete freedom, it’s highly critical to keep in touch with your relatives and keep them updated on your next destinations or what you have in your plan for the day. It’ll build a support system in case of emergency

Be Cautious to New Friends Made Along the Way

One of the perks of travelling alone is to meet many awesome and like-minded people. You’re bonding over the same lifestyle of travelling solo and building a connection based on what you’ve already have in common.

However, it’s smart to always be cautious about who you’re providing personal information to as well as taking newly made friends to your accommodation overnight. Always check visitors in at the hotel reception and it’s best to not have them over all night.

Research Your Accommodations

Most solo travellers to Saigon choose to stay in District 1 where the funs and crowds are. It is also the heart of the city with a beautiful night lifestyle, surrounded by the most fun of clubs, bars and entertainment. It’s in your best favour to do your accommodation research carefully beforehand and always avoid last-minute bookings to ensure you will get the most s room type available at the best possible rates.

With the significant increase of solo female travellers, more and more hotels and accommodation establishments are adjusting their policies in order to protect their Guests‘ safety, as well as enhance Guests’ experience and privacy.

“We understand that after the pandemic, solo travelling is noticeably trending amongst young travellers, especially female travellers. Furthermore, I acknowledge that we’re located in a dynamic and special location, thus, Fusion Original Saigon Centre adjusted some parts of our policy accordingly, as we thrive to always provide our Guests with a safe, comfortable and hassle-free stay.” – Alvaro Moreno – General Manager of Fusion Original Saigon Centre, District 01. 

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