Things that you don’t get to choose

I wrote an article called Luck is an Attitude the other day to share a thought on how attitude can change our way to view ‘luck’ as an important factor of success. As I grew older, ‘luck’ somehow appeals to me as certain things or options that I still get to choose in life. That is the kind of luck that you’ve created for yourself and by yourself. For instance, by trying to achieve to your personal level of financial freedom which will allow you to design your life the way you want it to be, where you want to live, what you want to do, where you want to spend your holiday. But this type of luck, we know, doesn’t grow from trees, in fact, even fruits grow from the fruit trees for a reason because it happens too that there are fruit trees that can’t grow their own fruits due to weather, soil, water and disease. It’s totally unfortunate because those fruit trees don’t get to choose the condition that they are in.

Sometimes when I think of how lucky I am why thinking of how unfortunate for someone else not to be lucky while being born in disadvantaged family or conditions for one thing that you simply don’t get to choose: your ORIGIN!

Your parents.

The place where you were born.

Your birth name.

As we grow older, we might find different ways to create lives the way we want. But of all that, what belongs to your own origin will forever play an important part of your life:

“People transfer onto current relationships the conflicts and assumptions generated in childhood relationships. They keep assuming that they are in the same constellation of roles and so repeat patterns of behavior. Most people experience their siblings, their fathers, their mothers and so on on the job. Everybody has transference; the question is, how trapped are they in those patterns?”

(What Ed is about to do? – Left on the mountainside, HBR Jan 2004)

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